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The Exact Strategy To Follow To Create Your First Viral Video

(even if you are new to video and somewhat clueless)

Hi there!  I'm glad you're here.  My name is Jordan LeVeck and I want to share with you how you can dramatically grow your sales and recruiting online using short videos.

I started with 700 followers.

In March of 2021, I had 700 followers on TikTok.  

By December of 2021, it had grown to 1.1 million followers (and growing...)  

In 10 months, everything changed for me online.  

10 months later, I had 1.1 million followers.

My TikTok channel exploded and because of that my network marketing business sales exploded, my online course sales grew like crazy and my team grew exponentially.  

Everything grew SO insanely fast.  

And, I'm going to share with you exactly how you can do the same by creating viral videos.

Let me take you back to the story of how this all happened.

I'll never forget.  I posted one of my first videos which was about how you could join my team and make money from home.  I didn't think much of this video because all I did was watch other viral videos and recreate the same strategy they were using with my own spin.

And then, that video got 30,000 views. I literally couldn't believe it.  

And because it was a video that was about making money from home and working with me, people were asking me how they could do the same and join my team. 

Now, I don't know about you, but I had never had a ton of people randomly come TO ME and ask to join my team. I'd always had to go hunting for my next new recruit or rep.  So, this was new for me and literally the most awesome thing ever.

That day, I did a little dance every time that post got a comment or I got a message because it was people asking to join my team and make money with me.

At the end of the month, that one little video had given me:

9 New Team Members On My Team.

And, I knew I was onto something.

So, that night, I was in the shower and I had another idea for a video.  
On another note: Seriously, why do showers produce the best ideas?

The topic was, "How I lost 155 pounds..."  I decided to test this video topic out.  

And I decided to be vulnerable and share my story and my weight loss journey.  And what was SO crazy about that little "shower-idea video" is that the video went on to get over 1 million views.

Over 1 Million Views!

I literally died with excitement, felt super famous and then wondered how I'd keep up with all the requests to buy my supplements.  There were people begging for my products and to work with me.  It was CRAZYYYY!

But, you have to understand.  This was so weird for me because I'm not some magic unicorn that is super techie or knows tons about TikTok.  I didn't know much just 10 months ago. 

And, truly, I couldn't believe a regular Mom like me was able to get so much attention online.

But, I'm one of those people that gets a taste of success and gets obsessed with decoding how to do it again and again.

From that day forward, I became OBSESSED with learning everything I needed to know to grow this.  I had just a bit of success with a few videos and I wanted to reach more people, help more people and I wanted to do it in a big way.

And I set a crazy, audacious, ridiculous goal to get 1 million followers.

It seemed highly improbable, but I like to play big.

Goal: 1 Million Followers And Go!

With my audacious goal, I had to really start to pay attention to what people seemed to like to watch and what they didn't give much attention to.

So, I just paid attention, studied the algorithms, bought trainings from famous TikTok creators and started making more of the videos that got attention online. 

And my goal was to post at LEAST 3 videos per week. But I did 1 per day most weeks. Still, it was less than 3 hours of my time each week.  

So, if you have a few hours, I'm going to show you how to use those small blocks of time to change your business.

So, I kept following the trends, recreating viral videos, using trending music and got really on purpose about using the right messages with each video, and my channel continued to grow.

First, it hit 100,000 followers.
Then, 300,000.
Then 700,000.
And then 1 million.

And as I type this, it's at 1.1 million and growing.

But, I don't want to share that to impress you, but to impress upon you that I posted videos in my messy house with my little one running around. And I'm definitely not some big fancy influencer.  I'm just a regular (well, kind of weird) Mom with a dream.

And I want to show you how you can do the same, being exactly who YOU are.

 This is why you don't get views.

Many create short videos that are done incorrectly.  And when you do a short video wrong, you don't get views.  And you don't get comments.  And you don't get likes.  And, the platform will notice. And then, the platform will inconveniently show it to less people.  It's a big ol' mess.

Here's where people go wrong...

  • The videos have the wrong messaging.
  •  They oversell in the video (AKA Spamela Pamela)
  • They have a blurry camera or pixelated video.
  • ​The message is self-serving.
  • ​They post very inconsistently.
  • ​There is no great hook to capture attention.
  • The video is edited sloppily or not intentional. 

Introducing The...

I Take You By The Hand And Walk You Through Everything 
You Need To Do To Have A Video Go Viral

Seriously, this Viral Video Challenge will be a game changer for you.

I'm serious.

I don’t want any of my online friends stuck trying to figure out this short video world.  It can be complicated, but I am going to teach you exactly how I went viral and how you can do the same.

I'm giving you short simple video lessons with a printable workbook you can follow along with and apply the information.  And, the video and workbook training will show you exactly how you can get noticed online and have your videos GO VIRAL.  

If you want to have more impact and you want growth this year and beyond, the Viral Video Challenge will be a game-changer for you. 

Plus, I'm seriously so excited to watch your business explode from it.  And I love when you message me and share your wins! That's the best part!

So what do you get when you grab The Viral Video Challenge?

 Interactive Workbook: A 34-page printable workbook with a step-by-step guide to teach you how to create amazing videos that people love and that reach thousands (or even millions of people.)

  Visual Video Training: The challenge is comprised of five short videos and you get instant access immediately. All the videos are roughly ten minutes.  So collectively, it's about one hour of your time to learn it all.  You can watch the training, learn and apply immediately.  

 Current Viral Trend Training: I will be sharing inside my phone screen revealing the exact strategy I follow to create videos that people go bonkers for.  

 Successful Viral Videos Awards: You'll get access to my Facebook community where you can share your successes.  I'll pop in there monthly to award prizes to some of the best viral video stars.

 Viral Video Therapy: Sometimes your videos aren't picking up speed like they should be.  That's why I have my Facebook community.  You can share your challenges and I'll pop in a few times a month and give advice to those who need some pointers.  When it comes to decoding short videos, that's my language so I can share simple tweaks that can make all the difference.  I love this stuff! 

All you have to do is click the button to start the challenge immediately.

 The world has gone digital and video is the wave of the future. It's not going away!

 And with shorter attention spans online, people crave this type of video.

 Video accounts for 80% of mobile data usage because people are obsessed with videos.

 Today, there is an estimated 1.6 billion people who watch and use short-form videos.

 And the best part is that short-form video is easy to make and doesn't take tons of time.

 You literally can have a viral video without even talking on camera! It's crazy amazing!

 So, if you are camera shy, short form video can be the answer for you!

  It’s your time to hit record and change lives.  Let's do this together.

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Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You’ll Get When You Get The Viral Video Challenge Today!

 Interactive Workbook: A 34-page Printable Workbook 

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 On Demand Video Training: Quick 60 Minutes Of Viral Secrets

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  Free Gift #1:   Facebook Engagement Secrets

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  Free Gift #2:  Leads On Demand Blueprint

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  Free Gift #3: Referral Marketing Magic

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 Interactive Workbook: A 34-page Printable Workbook 

Value $197

 On Demand Video Training: Quick 60 Minutes Of Viral Secrets

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 Prizes & Support: Our Facebook Community Is Here For You

Value $147

 Free Gift #1: 
Facebook Engagement Secrets

Value $147

   Free Gift #2: 
Leads On Demand Blueprint

Value $197

   Free Gift #3: 
Referral Marketing Magic

Value $197

Even though this is the first ever Beautifully Branded Bootcamp...

Here’s What My Clients Have Said About My Programs:

What Are You Waiting For?

The only thing standing between you and the success you deserve is a beautiful brand.

So now it’s up to you.

You can, of course, continue down the agonizingly slow road of pitching uninterested people, facing lots of frustrating rejection, and taking years to discover the key to building a business that gives you freedom.

It's Your Time My Friend.

Imagine this.  In just a few months, you can be in a completely different place in your business and your life. 

Truly.  With just a little strategy and some direction, everything can change for you online.

I am proof of that and everyday I pinch myself that I am here.  And now my passion is showing you how you can change everything by using short videos in your business. 

I love getting messages from others that share success like this message from Kelsey McDaniel-Gallie

"Let me just say this. Since I have being using her strategies and following her trainings, I sold $150,000 in ONE month personally from short videos..."

And guess what?  I can't wait to get messages like that from you.  It's your time.

Got Questions?

 When I purchase this, when does the challenge start?

The challenge starts right away! You can jump into the training immediately and start.  You'll see other students inside our Facebook community sharing their successes and you'll also see new students joining in regularly.  

 Will I have lifetime access to this training?

Yes!  How long is lifetime access? As long as you live. You can reference it anytime while on your journey.

 Why is the price so low?

Three reasons.  

1. Quite frankly, I'm nice.  

2. And I get excited when I get messages from you sharing your successes, so I wanted this to be priced for everyone to have access.  I like people.  And I love helping others.

3. It's an introductory offer. So, it won't last forever at this low price.

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